The dreaded chemo….

So just over a week after chemo & i have to say it’s kicked my ass more than I expected.

Firstly the chemo itself… Well other than a little tingling sensation as they put each of the drugs in there’s nothing much to talk about. The cold cap to try & preserve my hair is a whole other ball game…..

The first thing they do is wet your hair & put conditioner in it and then you get fitted for the cap itself & an overcap to keep it firmly in place. My dear brother Richard, who came and sat with me, took great delight in taking these photos



Then the machine is switched on & freezing cold water is pumped through the cap. Now I’d been warned it was like having an ice cream/slushie brain freeze but seriously the pain was incredible. Still, no pain no gain. I have to thank my brother for just talking to me for the first 20 minutes until my head was actually so numb that I wondered if the machine had stopped working because I couldn’t feel a thing.
3 hours later (!) the cap was taken off & there was ice in my hair so I’m sure it worked just fine



Apparently it doesn’t get any easy with each treatment so I have that to look forward to another 5 times

I’ve been up and down since the treatment, mainly due to my stubborn nature & my absolute refusal to let it stop me from living my life. A lesson learned: my mind might be strong but my body is weak.

My stubborn assed self went out to my regular Friday Rock Night, had a couple of Guinness which made me feel like I’d had many more – guess I’ll be a cheap date during chemo – and led to me spending most of Saturday in bed feeling like I’d been run over by a bus. Another lesson learned? Probably not, if I’m honest, though I’ll maybe give the Guinness a miss next time.

Monday I just did too much – a cuppa and a chat at my mates house, some stuff round the house & then going to see Halestorm in the evening – and I ended up with the shakes, struggling to walk back to the car after the gig and spending most of Tuesday in bed. But hey, I had fun

Today was a good day & the first day I haven’t had to take the anti sickness drugs so I’m hoping I’m on the upward curve until the next dose and the roller coaster starts again

And just incase anyone hasn’t had the memo yet….. Fuck cancer


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45 year old wife and mum, newly diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer

7 responses to “The dreaded chemo….”

  1. Maddy says :

    Brilliant photography there by dad haha. I hope everything is going ok and that you begin to feel better! Maybe when cold-capping, though I know it probably isn’t your thing, pretend you’re Elsa from Frozen, I think that’d probably make me feel pretty kick ass! Love you and thinking of you 🙂 x

  2. Kimberly Fischer Wingfield says :

    I feel your pain Kirstie!! Haven’t heard of the cap thingy over here, but cool idea!! No pun intended. LOL! Hated chemo…first the saline, then the allergy meds, then the stuff that made you pee…hated this…had to take the IV pole with me and no sooner do you leave the bathroom, you have to go again…then the chemo poison…then another bag of saline. Even after almost 5 years, I can still feel the poison going through my body. Ughhhhh!


  3. AliKat7 (@AliKat_7) says :

    Dearest Kirstie – be kind to your body! You can do without the Guinness 🙂 And if this isn’t a good reason to let someone else do the housework – I don’t know what is! Just take it easier.

    The cold cap sounds miserable. Is it a guarantee that you’ll lose your hair if you don’t use it? You could rock a bunch of hot hairstyles if you decide to go with some wigs. Just try to be more kind to your body.

    Massive hugs and love!

  4. Anne Terese Fera says :

    You are going to kick this in the ass like the rockstar you are!!! Your hair is not your crowning glory….your smile is!!!! That will never be taken from you!!! When you feel weak, you rest. Listen to your body. If I were on that side of the pond, I’d go with you and hold your hand and yell and scream with you and do what I can to make you laugh. I’ll remind you how you told Steve he wore an ugly shirt! I’ll remind you how we all thought you requested “Counting Crows!!” I’ll remind you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND THAT YOU ARE BIGGER THAT THIS cancer TRYING to beat you down. SENDNG MUCH LOVE TO YOU!!!

  5. Emma Quinlancasajuanillo says :

    The cold cap sounds hideous, let’s hope it works after all that.perhaps you need to try a bit of clean living(!)while you recover for a while. That or try different drinks to see if that works😜looking forward to seeing you soon x

  6. Sally Masters says :

    Thinking of you every day and everyone at work keeps asking after you. Cold cap doesn’t sound very nice but just think after all that conditioner how silky soft your hair will be. Will give you a call tomorrow if you are about. xxx

  7. u2shushi says :

    Reblogged this on u2shushi and commented:
    love, light and god speed healing to my beloved BFF

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